Нью Улаанбаатар Интернэйшнл Эйрпорт ХХК-д бүртгэлийн ажилтан/Check-in agent/ сонгон шалгаруулах зар


We’re hiring “Check-in agent”.

Main Role:

1.Passenger check-in process and boarding process;

2.Handling of passenger and incoming/outgoing flight at boarding / arrival gates;

3.Passenger handling guidance, and luggage information at departure / arrival floors of airport terminal;

4.Handling services such as departure & arriving luggage, lost & found service;

5.Guidance and care of boarding and arrival passengers and luggage;

6.Handling flight operation;

7.Handling load planning and weight & balance;

8.Additional duties as required from airlines;

Detailed Job Description

◆Check-in counter related work:

– Confirmation of travel documents and ticketing at Check-in airline counter;

◆Gate operations:

– Passenger Guidance & Information Service around boarding & arrival gates and

departure & arrival floor;

◆Handling of Luggage:

-Delivery of luggage at the arrival lobby;

-Care of lost luggage/Baggage claim Service(damaged ,left baggage ,not arrived)

◆Special service (VIP / wheelchair /Young passenger):

-Care for customers who need a wheelchair support and special assistance

-Guidance for VIP;

-Translation for foreign passengers and customers;

◆Flight Operation

– Contact official authority and operate monitoring aeronautical radio and concern.   

Splecial requirements of position

◆ Education:

-Bachelor’s degree is required

◆ Practice: 

– Work experiences at service work such as Airline check-in counter, gate, arrival or transportation counter are considered as advantage.

Skills and abilities: 

– Level 3 (good working knowledge) Speaking/Reading of English are required.

– Other language (Japanese, Chinese or Korean) skill is considered as advantage.

– Standard keyboard, date entry and software skills

– Ability to work as a team member and independently under pressure and positively

– Subject to successful completion of probationary period, applicant who is able to work long term and shift work is considered as advantage.

– CV should be built in English

Dead line: 2020.02.21

Contact us:     saranchimeg.d@nubia-llc.mn